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Marble Surface

The aim of this book is to create a generation of God's people who are empowered to live and prosper in financial freedom and fulfil their purpose and calling to give generously and outrageously in order to see the Kingdom of God advance.


God's 7 Timeless Questions - is an interactive Bible Study that takes you on a life-changing journey with God by personalising questions from familiar Bible events.

These are major questions that dig deep into the most life-penetrating issues of Christian living. Every believer will want to read and ask these questions again and again in their own life journey.

This Bible study provides the questions taken from the scriptural text; the context of each question and then provides direction in self-examination, discussion and further Bible study.


Any individual believer or group of believers can use this well-written Biblical ‘probe’ and its faith-building encouragement to take their Christian walk to a new level of freedom and growth. Whenever God asks a question, there is a whole Heaven of divine insight and blessing behind asking the question.

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Emma Maria Emmanuel is a Human Rights Lawyer, Author, Wellbeing and Natural Health Training Consultant, Restorative Justice Facilitator, Mentor and Mother of four.

Emotional detox-


True talk-
Those ‘aha’ moments or the epiphanies that have nuggets of gold embedded in them!
This book is a collection of some of early morning thoughts and ‘figuring it out moments’.


The journey to wholeness through writing-

This book was birthed through the authors personal experience of using writing as a tool to help achieve healing and wholeness

Riches in Eden. Unlocking the healing power of God's provision in nature-

Riches In Eden is about unlocking the healing power of Gods provision in Nature. The book explains in the authors conversational manner, simple home remedies and skincare recipes that you can make very easily at home.

Being God's daughter: A devotional


Nature's prescription-

This book is a handy, easy to read resource for whenever you need to tap into Nature’s provisions for your skincare needs.


This book shows that our attitudes towards ourselves will have impact, can be affirming, encouraging and uplifting. Through personal stories and practical words, Saleah Micci asks you to discover a friendship inside you, understanding that we can build up or tear ourselves down. The core being of our spiritual nature desires peace within, as we were not designed to be hostile, but kind, loving and caring. More often, that desire of needing somebody to love you is not it. So by accessing your core values, aligning with a relationship that does not dismiss you as not important, can shift your perception more in line with who you are. Meditating, pausing for reflection and giving you time, is needed to transform your glass half empty to half full, more and overflowing. Make Friends with Yourself is a timely self-help book, as mental health, well-being concerns are increasing and affecting all walks of life. The words in this book are like stepping stones that lead you to yourself.

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Insightful tips for the unique mature single-

This book offers insightful tips for the 'mature' single, whilst
waiting for her "Mr Right". With topics such as "You are unique, 'you' were born to be 'you'", "Pamper yourself, who else will" and "For every Ruth there is a Boaz", you will be encouraged whilst in this season of your life and will grow to appreciate this 'gift of singleness' that God has entrusted you with. As a 'mature' unique single, you will be a person that God boasts on regularly because He knows that you have what it takes to
walk this road for however long He desires you to.

Second glances  - 

A warm-hearted Christian romance novel about six individuals whose relationships intertwine with each other, but on reflection aren't exactly what they first purport to be.

Second Glances is filled with interesting twists and turns that will keep you, the reader, gripped to your seat, as you try to unravel the secrets that are looming. Relationships are tested beyond limits, but in the end, it is only those who stay true to the core, will have their happy ending.

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