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Dynamic Mono - Single Parent Ministry - South Africa

Dynamic mono is a Ministry of single parents based in South Africa, Gauteng Province, Pretoria. It is a ministry/tribe under the Doxa Deo Tshwane Central in Pretoria. 

The founder of the ministry is Anna Mvubu who is an author and motivational speaker. she is a mother of two boys.


The ministry consists of the parents and their children. Thus far it has 13 parents and continues to grow as it reaches out to other individuals who are parenting alone.


It's main vision is to become the support system regarding the life concerns experienced by mothers, fathers, guardians and children in the single parent family. Therefore the ministry provides connection and empowerment sessions to single parents and their children.

There are different programmes that the ministry has been engaged in including the round table discussions, teachings, outdoor activities like hiking and a donation campaign.



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